HARMAN, a Cutting-Edge Tech Company, Uses HELIX to Increase Its Analytics Adoption by 300%

How to Make Your Business Truly Data-Driven by Empowering Each Employee to Gain Valuable Insights from Easy Access to Analytics

Learn how to multiply the effectiveness of your personnel by meeting data-driven requirements across the company through smarter education and engagement

Learn how to balance centralization and decentralization of access to key analytical resources

Learn how to scale business analytics without hiring additional human resources

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How Do We Reconcile Fast Access to Data & Analytics and the Quality of Their Insights?

HARMAN is a Samsung company and a global brand best known for designing and engineering products and solutions for automakers, consumers, and enterprises worldwide

  • Silofication: As a cutting-edge technology company, HARMAN wants to rely on data and analytics as key business assets that should be made easily available to everyone to provide the best value. However, easy accessibility to these assets was equated with fast accessibility, leading to harmful decentralization or the silofication of enterprise analytics solutions.

  • IT-dependent: This came at the expense of the efficiency of the team that relied too often on the IT department to manage all analytics for those who needed it. The users didn't know where to go to get help with their specific use cases, which tools to use and how to access them.

  • Inefficiencies: The efforts were often duplicated and the data development teams were overwhelmed with ad-hoc demands for analytics assistance. This created bottlenecks instead of speedy access and lowered the quality of insights gained. The situation called for a solution which led to getting in touch with HELIX.

Enter HELIX, a Platform for Value-Driven Analytic Solutions


HARMAN opted for HELIX, an analytics enablement platform that supports instant scaling with its analytics implementation and provides a unified platform for accessing, enabling, and governing at the enterprise level. With the help of HELIX, HARMAN acquired the tools needed to centralize its analytical processes, support, and system access, while decentralizing governance, ownership, and education.

At HARMAN, all of this is now managed with a small dedicated team that maintains a single comprehensive analytics program across the entire enterprise.



Mass Analytics Adoption and Data-Driven Transformation

Over the course of 24 months, HELIX empowered thousands of users, analysts, and developers to undergo education, gain actionable insights from the data and receive support based on self-service highly scalable analytics.

The numbers speak for themselves:

  • In only a few months, HARMAN recorded over 300% increased analytics adoption.

  • HARMAN saw 15% improvements with Customer Scorecards Analytics year-over-year in green measures.

  • HARMAN services thousands of new and existing users, developers, and analysts.

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Learn how to Make Your Business Truly Data-Driven by Empowering Each Employee to Gain Valuable Insights from Easy Access to Analytics